Pipe Handling Tools Storage

In the offshore work environment, “Injuries from handling, lifting or carrying” is one of the most common types of accidents. The successful management of this area of risk can be achieved through the introduction of the Offshore Handling Systems range. Uniquely designed they are a critical addition to the success of your safety policy.

ACERTEC offers Hands-Free Operation of handling and maneuvering drill pipes and tubular with Hands Safety Tools.

With the extensive exposure of hand related hazards around drilling pipes, ACERTEC’s tool collection features a series of preventive equipment specialized for diversified tasks. Click here to discover more.

Offshore Handling Systems are manufacturers of innovative, high-quality, durable safety solutions to the offshore Oil and Gas industry. These tools have been designed to target the reduction of hand and finger injuries associated with the positioning and movement of deck cargo and drilling supplies. Providing a range of safety handling products can help you achieve a zero incidence workplace. Our tools provide the power to enforce “Hands-Free Working” by putting the solution in your people’s hands




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