Gas Grab

The gas grab was designed for a sole purpose, for safe handling of high-pressure cylinders and significantly reducing the risk of incidents when lifting or moving vertical cylinders. In addition to safety, this simple yet efficient design, contributes to an improved posture of the workers while lifting the gas containers- hence increasing ergonomic aesthetics of a workplace

Designed primarily for high-pressure gas cylinder safety, the gas bottle lifter can be used in lifting of several types of large vessels or as a pipe grabber, reinforced by a variety of sizes and gas cylinder strap, to deliver hands free safety equipment

The GasGrab™ was designed by Lionel Foster, a welder/fabricator, at a time when he was suffering from a complaint that gave great discomfort whenever he had to move or change a gas cylinder. Although Lionel was in pain whilst moving gas cylinders, his attitude was ‘work must go on’ and so in 2000, GasGrab™ was conceived. Since then GasGrab™ has been modified and improved into the patented unit we have today


GasGrab 4″(100 mm) PAIR                  GasGrab 5.5″(140 mm) PAIR                GasGrab™ 6″(152mm)



GasGrab™ 7″(178 mm)                              GasGrab™ 8″(203 mm)                    GasGrab™ 8.5″ (215 mm)


GasGrab™ 9″ (230 mm)                                  GasGrab™ 9.25″ (235 mm)                GasGrab™ 10″ (254 mm)


GasGrab™ 10,5″ (267 mm)                            GasGrab™ 11″ (278 mm)                      GasGrab™ 12″ (305 mm)


GasGrab™ 12.5″ (320 mm)                    GasGrab™ 14.75″ (376 mm)              GasGrab™ 9″ (230 mm) Gas Cylinder/Bottle Sling

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