Slide Sledge Hammer

Slide Sledge is dedicated to bringing safety and efficiency to the workplace. Our revolutionary hammers utilize patented sliding technology that gives users a single-user hammer for jobs traditionally performed by two people. The linear motion of Slide Sledge focuses power for precision impact without worry of dangerous sledgehammer misses and glancing blows. With the power and accuracy of Slide Sledge, driving pins and other tough maintenance jobs are safer, faster and easier

What Is a Slide Sledge Hammer Used For?

Slide Sledge hammer uses include several heavy duty maintenance jobs that can benefit from slide sledge heavy equipment hammer. In general, any work involves handling and manipulating tire bead, replacing bush/bearing/seal plate, extracting rusted and nonfunctional pins, removing bucket tooth pins, driving bolts in or out, insertion between ripper teeth, etc. Here is a closer look on the Utilitarian use of Slide Sledge Hammer;

  • Auto, Locomotive and Mechanics
  • Off-shore and On-shore Drilling Platforms
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Railroad
  • Agriculture
  • Military
  • Construction






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