Meeting Your Hardware Needs Always

Meeting Your Hardware Needs Always

Meeting Your Hardware Needs Always

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ACERTEC HARDWARE PTE LTD was established in 2012. Our core trade business is a hardware supplying company, supplying extensive range of assorted tools and general industrial hardware as well as speciality products. We cater to a wide spectrum of industries such as marine and offshore, oil and gas shipyard, construction, petrochemical and manufacturing.



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Our Products

Sand paper

Abrasive Products

Precision, cutting, grinding, and polishing is an art in producing quality finished product. And to ensure perfection in every detail, you need to ensure you have the right abrasive to get the job done.


Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air. Common types of these air-powered hand tools that are used in industry include buffers, nailing and stapling guns, grinders, drills, jack hammers, chipping hammers, riveting guns, sanders and wrenches.


Construction & Building Products

Create high-quality, high-performing building and infrastructure designs with conceptual and detailed design tools.


Castors & Wheels

Casters are used in numerous applications, including shopping carts, office chairs, hospital beds, and material handling equipment. High capacity, heavy duty casters are used in many industrial applications, such as platform trucks, carts, assemblies, and tow lines in plants. Generally, casters operate well on smooth and flat surfaces.

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